Burton Township Cemeteries

Burton Township Cemetery Sexton – Elana Koh
Administration Building
14821 Rapids Road
Burton, Oh  44021
Office – 440-834-1500
Fax – 440-834-0422
Email:  Elana.BurtonTownship@gmail.com

Rules And Regulations

1. Cemeteries are open only during daylight hours.
2. No cemetery lots will be sold directly to funeral directors.
3. There will be no burials without a top seal, concrete, metal or fiberglass receptacle.
4. Two interments are allowed on a single grave site – one burial and one cremation or two cremations.
5. The grade of all lots and burial places will be determined by the Trustees of Burton Township or their designee and all improvements and structures put thereon shall be made with reference thereto.
6. Flush or raised headstones are permitted in all areas of all the township cemeteries.  Headstones shall not exceed 36” in height.  Permanent headstones must be in place no later that one (1) year after burial and there must be a footer under each marker.  Temporary metal markers must be placed at the time of burial.
7. Annual flower beds will be permitted within twelve (12) inches of the headstone and must be maintained properly; otherwise, they will be removed at the discretion of the Township Trustees.  Flower beds must consist of soil and flowers only.
8. There will be no planting of shrubs, perennial flowers or trees.
9. No glass jars or vases will be allowed.
10. Existing shrubs will be trimmed at the Township Trustee’s discretion.
11. All mowing shall be done under the direction of the Township Trustees.
12. All weathered artificial and dead flowers will be removed at the township discretion.
13. The veterans’ flags will be displayed for a reasonable time for Memorial Day.  These flags are the property of Burton Township.
14. Any suggestions for improving our cemeteries can be made to the Township Trustees.
15. Monument companies must notify the Sexton, Trustees, or Clerk before removing or installing any monuments, and giving a delivery or removal date.
16. No one shall remove any headstones, once place on a footer, without the Trustees or Cemetery Sexton’s permission.
17. All grave openings and closings, and concrete footers are done by contract and cannot be done privately.
18. Vandals will be prosecuted.
19. All transfers of lots shall be subject to approval of the Trustees and be made through the office of the Fiscal Officer of the Township for purpose of record. 
20. A transfer fee shall be paid in full by the Transferee (the person(s) receiving the cemetery lot).  The amount of the fee shall be set at the discretion of the Trustees.
21. Cardboard boxes remains must be put into a protected container or a cremains vault to preserve contents for any future full-burials.
22. Any adjustments to these rules must be taken before the Board of Township Trustees for consideration and action.