Burton Township is in need of a Cemetery Sexton & Zoning Secretary.

If you are looking for a part-time position that doesn’t hold you back from your day to day obligations then please apply.  These positions can be separate or easily combined.  You do not need to reside within the Township to apply!!!  Job descriptions and application submission details below.  Come check it out!!!  

Cemetery Sexton

Responsibilities:  Cemetery Lot Sales, Deed Issuance, Locating applicable lots for open & closings, Communicating with Funeral Directors, Contractors & Memorial Companies, Data Entry.

Offering:  Part-Time Position, As Needed Basis, Hourly Rate.


Zoning Secretary 

Responsibilities:  Record Keeping, Meeting Minutes, Application Processing, Scheduled Evening Meetings. 

Offering:  Part-Time Position, Hourly Pay.


For All Interested please email your resume to: